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Project Information Sheet
Eco-innovation in steelmaking: a new system for 100% recycling of electric-arc furnace slag (SLAG-REC)

Programme area: Materials recycling

Eng. Massimo SVANERA
ASO Siderurgica Srl (ITALY)
E-mail: m.svanera@aso.it
Tel: +39.030.6841181

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Giesserei Ges.m.b.H (AUSTRIA)
Cabra Engineering (ITALY)

Website: www.slagrec.eu

Benefits: An innovative system transforms electric-arc furnace slag in a re-usable by product to for road construction and other applications with concurrent reduction in use of natural resources

Keywords: slag recycling, greener steelmaking, natural resources saving
Sector: C24.5.2 - Casting of steel
Type of solution: Innovative technology

Duration: 29/06/2009 – 28/06/2011
Budget: 1 366 935,00 € (EU contribution: 592 021,00 €)
Contract number: ECO/08/239025/SI2.534282

The SLAG-REC project aims at constructing a new system for slag recycling and also at introducing it to the market through a mix of market preparation activities targeting electric arc furnace operators in Europe.
The project activities will be executed through the strategic collaboration of three partner enterprises: the steelmaker (inventor and first applier of the new system), the engineering specialist and the machinery constructor.
The output of the innovative slag treatment is a by product which can perfectly and safely substitute actually used natural sand and gravel – not renewable natural resources – for a number of applications, as for example in road construction without any risk of swelling.
By use of this system an enormous quantity of slag deriving from steelmaking can be saved from simple dumping - in Europe 12 million tons/year are actually dumped - by transforming it into a re-usable by product.

Expected and/or achieved results
By the end of the project the expected results are:
- the first applied system constructed and validated in ASO Siderurgica Srl;
- a business model for European electric-arc furnace operators which analyses the costs and benefits of the investment in the new system.
On the long run:
- reduction in use of natural resources and their substitution with recycled EAF slag as dry granulated slag obtained by the Slag-Rec treatment would be suitable for road construction and other various applications;
- reduction of electric-arc furnace slag dumped, reduction of slag handling costs and saving slag yard space;
- greener steelmaking sector and enhancement of the reputation of the steel work as an environmental-friendly manufacturer and help in protecting against environmental complaints
- improvement in working conditions in the steel mill because of the reduction of dust, noise and waste water related to the cooling and crushing operation and to the slag ageing storage

The information sheet will be published in the Eco-Innovation website. The EACI reserves the right to edit the information sheet for content and length